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Our lives are very demanding and busy and rushing around sometimes causes accidents around our expensive laptops.

Here at Croydon Computer Medic, I can 97% bring them back to life. So don’t buy a new laptop just yet; as for almost half the price of a new laptop, I can repair it fully.

I guess you here on Croydon Computer Medic’s website as the kids or yourself have had an accident a serious one and spilt liquid all over your laptop (Windows or Apple Mac), you just want to throttle someone. You are in tears as well, “Don’t Panic” you’re in safe hands.

In most cases, liquid damaged laptops if there got to in enough time of it happening, they can be saved, although there is a small percentage that may just give up altogether, and don’t want to be repaired. “for ex: if you drop it in the bathtub fully for a while”.

Bring it to “Croydon Computer Medic” right away who specialise in the repair of these with experienced engineers.

Whether it’s tea, coffee, water, orange juice, red wine, blackcurrant, lemon tea, Guinness, or orange squash, yes these are just a few that I have had in my company.

By bringing it to “Croydon Computer Medic” your taking that 1st step to getting it recovered and repaired.

Do bear in mind that liquid damage can cause severe if not irreparable damage and although we try our absolute best there are always a few that won’t pass the grade. We will of course inform you every step of the way, especially if data is on the laptop, we’ll recover it.

Liquid damage repairs take up to a week to fully repair, and we test afterwards, every aspect of the unit before handing it back to you therefore we do ask for your patience in this matter, especially as we might need to order parts for the laptop’s motherboards or logicboards for Apple.

I have trusted engineers standing by with the right equipment to carry this procedure out, on my behalf for my company.

Within the last 8 months, I have completed approximately 10 laptops mainly Apple Macbook’s with the latest being Macbook Pro, touch bar, 2020 model, this had full liquid damage and within 2 weeks it was fully repaired and handed back to the client, albeit a very happy client indeed.

Apple Imac Ipad Iphone Liquid Damage Repair Croydon

Apple Genius support does not extend to accidental liquid damage, therefore if your out of warranty, expect it to cost upwards of over £350+ or more.

Simply leave your damaged laptop with us, and within a week at the most, I could have it ready and back to you as if nothing ever happened.

In some cases it’s worth remembering that depending on the severity of liquid damage, you might end up losing your data etc, this can’t be helped, I will advise you on this when the repair is about to be started.

For pricing, It is very hard to give a quote as each laptop has a different problem when the liquid has been spilt.

Apart from data removal, Liquid damage is the highest repair to carry out on devices in the industry, with prices being a lot to repair them.


I currently do not work on iPhones or Tablets, iPads, or PS4, PS5, however, I am happy to give you a number if you message me for you to call and get the job done through my colleague in his business at affordable rates.






Your computer / laptop / imac / macbook needs regular maintenance just like a car does, to keep it at its optimum level of performance otherwise it can build up redundant files, unessential programs, shortcuts, dead links and get clogged with dust etc inside your machine, over time this degrades your equipment and reduces efficiency and will then need replacing costing more to you, bring it in to me and i can solve those issues.


If you are looking to brush up your IT skills or need further education on computers, no problem; here at Croydon Computer Medic I can teach you what you need to know from a wide spectrum of categories, i.e: internet, spreadsheets, word, printing, typing skills, search engine searches, copy/pasting, I can show you how to do this.

Whether young or old or with children that you want to introduce to IT, from an early age. Drop me an email now or phone me to discuss your needs, my rates start from £45p/hour which is the standard rate.



I can determine whether you are under threat, with 16+ years experience in the software industry I can easily pick out what shouldn’t be there, and if necessary offer you a quick and effective Virus, Spyware, or Malware cleaning service and advise you on the current anti-virus and anti-spyware protection tools particular to your requirements.

Croydon Computer Medic Full Service And Repairs


Recommend that you service your computer twice a year or more depending on the environment you are in i.e. whether your in a dusty environment area of work or home or office. The service can be carried out in your office or in your home at a time to suit you where I will back up any of your important files onto hard-drive or SSD drives temporarily and advise you on any other essential upgrades.

Computer Data Recovery In Croydon From Imac Macbook Apple


Data Removal is an expensive business and in most cases, I can extract data from damaged computers, for which I will give you a professional priced quote, there is no guarantee that all data is recoverable. In most cases, it’s not possible to carry out a full repair of your drive but I can advise you on protecting your data in the future. I can always recover emails, address books, Word documents, Excel documents, pictures, videos, music, and other useful information. Most data recovery companies can charge £450 minimum upto or beyond £1000, but if you come and visit me I can do it at a fraction of the cost-saving you both time and money in the long run.


With the industry market changing all the time rapidly it is very difficult to assess which Broadband provider package will suit you best, with my fingers ready on the button I can help you choose the right Internet package and help you setup your equipment and wireless network to work with your laptop, pc, imac or tablet, and mobile phones, if you are having problems with Wifi I can set it up for you. So if you are confused as to what to do, don’t panic i am only a phone call away or email away, give me a call and I can arrange everything as smooth as possible.


Ok so you have got used to your pc for a long time, you have it set up the way you like it, like desktop picture saved, files placed on your desktop and shortcuts and media files there also, no problem my unique service can take care of this, perhaps you have videos or music placed in different directories no problem, my service will replicate this. I simply take a note of all programs /software installed, also all your bookmarks in internet explorer and google chrome, and firefox can be retrieved, I photograph and take pictures of your desktop and programs list to make sure I can cover everything in the new transfer onto the computer or laptop system.

All updates and software are configured just as if there wasn’t anything wrong with your pc in the first place, I will then finish up by transferring your data back ready for you to collect, before I do I give it back to you I give it a half day rigorous check to make sure everything works.

This service can cost around £150 as it can take up to 2 days fully to carry out. In my experience it is always safer to have an engineer on-site to setup and configure your equipment, a-lot of my support call-outs are related to badly installed equipment or children downloading games and content without parents knowing and can result in security breaches or implications in your pc or laptop. I will also give you advice on how to best look after and clean your equipment to give it a good and longer life expendancy.


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